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10-10: Summoned Monster Battle | Scribblenauts Remix — 3 Comments

  1. Something even easier is to make a creature using all the adjectives. I made things like “small black cold beautiful slow invincible magical powerful evil sorceror” (which sounds ridiculous with all the adjectives haha), but then he stays alive through all rounds and kills every creature so I don’t have to keep making more. Then you can just change it to an ogre, an orc, or a witch or something for the other rounds.

  2. You can even use a lion or an emu with the appropriate adjectives: just make them ‘immortal’ too. It’s a pretty cheap move, but it works. The Chi wouldn’t attack unless ridden, so best to use that only on the last round.

  3. Shortcut update: summon a slow pretty immortal poisonous small cold black volcano and watch the level beat itself. (It’s probably not really necessary to add the poison.)

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