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  1. Actually, the heist level doesn’t have a crown but the evolution one does.
    For the evolution chain: Stage one : Dinosaur, Gorilla
    Stage two : Pterodactyl, Chimp
    Stage three : Stegosaurus, Monkey

  2. In world 1, have gold crowns on levels 1 & 2, but it won’t unlock level 3 or any other levels after that. I’m able to go to world 6 & continue on, but I’m not sure what I need to do to unlock 1-3 through 5-?. Can anyone help/advise? Thanks!

  3. The heist one does have a golden crown. I just got it. Face covering(mask, ski mask, beard), weapon, and something to open safe(lock pick, bomb, crowbar).

  4. It says I haven’t gotten any crowns. When I go to level 4, it says 0/10. I’m sure I’ve done everything I can to get the crowns, but I can’t get past level six! Help pls.

  5. Why won’t world 2 unlock for me? In world 1, I have crowns for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,&10. But for 8 there’s only a star. Help please..

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